A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

2 players

21 seconds of intense hat hoarding action!

A micro-game for Duplicade (see rules below)

by Omar, Romain and Noodle

Inspired by the lovely Wattam!

Player 1 WASD keys, Player 2 Up/Down/Left/Right arrow keys

Press F1 to disable auto-quit mode so you can play multiple times.
Press R to restart a game.




  • Your game must be a head-to-head simultaneous two-player game.
  • Your game must run on Windows (sorry!) and use WASD + SPACE for player one and ARROW-KEYS + ENTER for player two as input in order to be considered for inclusion on the DUPLICADE "cabinet."
  • It must have a short duration, 30 seconds or less, resulting in a WIN or LOSE for each player. (We'll be keeping score offstage.).
  • After the match is over the game must QUIT AUTOMATICALLY.
  • The game must tread dangerously into the intellectual property of an existing game or game franchise, but be cleverly altered and culturally mangled enough to not be worth the effort to sue. (Seriously: don't get sued. Also, it's funnier the further you get from actually ripping off your source).
  • Your jam must reference this year's secret theme, announced on Day 1: TWINS.


HattamBros_Windows.zip 11 MB
HattamBros_OSX.zip 13 MB
HattamBros_Linux.zip 14 MB

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